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Waitlists begin when the enrollment for a course is closed.  Once a course is closed and a waitlist has started students can only enroll from the waitlist. 

Waitlists also begin when seats in a course are reserved for certain student populations (i.e., purchased with college based fees).  Students that meet the criteria for the reserved seats can enroll in the course and others are added to a waitlist.  PASS will show an open course with seats available and a waitlist. 

PASS will also show available seats and a waitlist when students have dropped the course but the waitlist has not yet “run” for the night.  The waitlist runs nightly and PASS updates every 5 minutes. 

Students can waitlist for as many units as they like but need to be aware of the following limitations:

Students cannot waitlist for the same lecture section or the same lab section more than once (i.e., cannot waitlist a CHEM 111-01 lecture with more than one lab section for that course).  
Students can waitlist for multiple sections of the same class if it does not have a related component, but when the student is enrolled from the waitlist they will be dropped from the other sections. 

How to Waitlist

While in CPReg if the course has a waitlist, check “ok to waitlist” when enrolling.  Students will see their waitlist position at the time of enrollment and their position change when students are enrolled from the waitlist.  Students are notified via email when enrolled from a waitlist.  If a student does not meet the requisites for the course they will receive an error message in CPReg.

The waitlist runs nightly from the beginning of the Registration Rotation appointments through the Thursday prior to the start of each quarter, which is also the last day the waitlist is viewable on a Class Schedule.  Print your Class Schedule on or prior to that day to keep a record of waitlist positions and course information. 

Please be aware that the waitlist will not enroll you in a course if any of the following exist:

  • Time conflict with your existing Class Schedule.
  • Registration hold.
  • Enrolled in another section of the class.
  • Exceed either 16 or 22 unit enrollment limits.